SLPB-5: Make SLPDB use ACID transactions

  • Project Type:
  • Reward: 500 USDH
  • Posted: November 25, 2019 by Jt Freeman
  • Contact at SLP Telegram group: @jscramer or @Blockparty_sh


SLPDB does not currently use ACID transactions when processing, this can cause temporarily inconsistent state and prevents the ability to rollback on error. A previous attempt at implementing ACID transactions was performed which resulted in reduced stability.


    1. Advise an ideal setup of replica set.
    2. Implement ACID transactions in all multi-document operations throughout codebase
    3. Handle any Mongo errors and gracefully recover/continue operation
    4. Maintain (or improve) current level of performance



Mongo Transactions

Mongo Replication


If you are interested in being eligible for this bounty, please contact @jscramer or @Blockparty_sh on Telegram before doing any work.

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