SLPB-2: Perform integrity checks in slp-list library

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  • Reward: 500,000+ SPICE
  • Posted: November 20, 2019 by James Cramer
  • Contact at SLP Telegram group: @Blockparty_sh or @jscramer


Currently slp-list trusts all data coming from a single SLPDB instance and does not check the results for accuracy. We should be double checking the results using data from other SLPDB instances and a full node as well as utilizing slp-validate to perform an additional validity check. This work will ensure that tools built on top of this library such as a dividend calculator are as accurate as possible.


  1. Review the current slp-list code and example code behavior and contact persons listed below with comments and recommendations.
  2. Language: Typescript
  3. Submit one PR for review to each item:
      • Optional integrity checks (enabled by default):
        • An additional check to compare the results between multiple SLPDB instances.
        • An additional check to locally validate all UTXOs in an associated list, must utilize the SLP graph search library “grpc-slp-graphsearch-node” npm library.
        • Manually computes a token’s minted supply at the maximum block height specified for the list, must use the “grpc-bchd-node” npm library
        • An additional check to ensure that the list’s total balance result is less than the token’s minted supply
      • Add unit tests using mocha in typescript, setup similar to the slp-validate project



If you are interested in being eligible for this bounty, please contact @Blockparty_sh or @jscramer on Telegram before doing any work.

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SLPB-2: Perform integrity checks in slp-list library

  • Posted: November 20, 2019 by James Cramer
  • Reward: 500,000+ SPICE

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