SLPB-3: Create SWIG CMake targets for gs++ slp_validator

  • Project Type: ,
  • Reward: 500+ USDH
  • Posted: November 25, 2019 by Jt Freeman
  • Contact at SLP Telegram group: @Blockparty_sh


A high performance SLP Validator is in development as part of the gs++ project. We wish to have this validator exposed as a C library (in-progress), with bindings for popular languages. To do this, we want to use SWIG with our CMake build system to automatically generate bindings in a variety of languages.


  1. Develop the targets using modern CMake practices making it possible to easily add additional languages
  2. Include necessary documentation (READMEs are fine) describing anything special
  3. Create Python binding
  4. Create Node.js binding
  5. Create Go binding
  6. Create Java binding



If you are interested in being eligible for this bounty, please contact @Blockparty_sh on Telegram before doing any work.

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