Completed Bounties

SLPB-1: Smart Contracts for SLP Minting

Posted by: Jt Freeman on November 15, 2019 | Project Type:

This bounty is for building one or more smart-contracts that provide additional security to token issuers and also allow token issuers to specify a maximum mintable supply cap for their token. Subsequent bounties may expand upon this initial work.

500+ USDH

SLPB-2: Perform integrity checks in slp-list library

Posted by: Jt Freeman on November 20, 2019 | Project Type: ,

Currently slp-list trusts all data coming from a single SLPDB instance and does not check the results for accuracy. We should be double checking the results using data from other SLPDB instances and a full node as well as utilizing slp-validate to perform an additional validity check. This work will ensure that tools built on top of this library such as a dividend calculator are as accurate as possible.

500,000+ SPICE

SLPB-6: Optimize *InsertReplace operations in SLPDB

Posted by: Jt Freeman on November 25, 2019 | Project Type:

SLPDB currently performs much extra work than needed resulting in reduced performance due to to InsertReplace operations in db.ts. If these were optimized SLPDB could support more transactions per second. In handleMempoolTransaction  UpdateStatistics is called which performs a graphInsertReplace, for larger tokens this takes a long time.

500 USDH