TOBA Token

Pay with Crypto, then ride to earn

The TOBA token is used by Toba Electric Bikes as a reward for their customers for using their bikes. This will, according to Toba, “…result in customers travelling more miles with the most sustainable and efficient transport method on the planet.”

The value of TOBA tokens are backed by the number of electric bikes delivered worldwide over a 60 day period, so there is a limitation to the number of tokens available at any one time. Any customer using the TOBA website to purchase any bike with BTC, BCH or TOBA will receive 10x Toba tokens 30 days after receiving their bike.

When customers use the Model TOBA T to be launched in 2020, they will receive 1x Toba tokens per 10 miles cycled delivered to their wallet that will part of the TOBA application.

The reward level for both purchase and usage is halved after every 5.75m of issuance.

Toba’s aim is “…to deliver as many electric bikes worldwide as possible and clock up more miles ridden than any other electric bike.”

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