Spice Token

SPICE is a tipping token created for people to easily reward other people for “spicy” content created on networks such as Telegram and Twitter via the usage of an easily added chatbot. SLP tokens make SPICE a real cryptocurrency that trades on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain within seconds for fractions of a penny. SPICE’s tipping bot is easily added on Telegram by a simple invite. On Twitter, the bot can be called anytime by @spicetokens. The bot allows anyone to store, tip and withdraw SPICE easily. The use of SPICE captures the content being tipped and publishes it to a user-generated stream called SpiceFeed (Privacy Options Available to Admins). Spicefeed offers an overview of the hottest content based on the value of the tip given. To see it in action go to https://spice.network or find any Telegram channel using it as a tipping bot.