SLP Merchant Rewards

Send cashback (bonus points) to your all your customers in your WooCommerce store.

Send SLP tokens to your customers for every order they placed in your WooCommerce store.

This allows you to give them “cashback” bonus points on your their purchase. They can also transfer those points (an SLP token) easily to other customers.

Requires our SLP payments plugin to get customer SLP addresses:

  • for BCHD or SLP payments: the plugin automatically detects the address to send rewards points back to
  • for payments with CreditCard, Paypal, etc…: there’s an optional field on the “Customer Address” page during checkout where customers can enter their SLP address


To use this plugin:

1. Create your rewards token in Electron Cash SLP Edition

2. Follow the instructions in the rewards tool to enter your SLP token ID and WIF (private key) and WooCommerce store API key.

3. Send daily/weekly/… rewards to all your customers with 1 single click.


upcoming: automatically repeat sending daily rewards by calling this tool from WP Admin.