Congratulations to the winner of the 2019 SLP Hackathon, Project Ignite with their loyalty points system, Hamingja. Hamingja is a loyalty points system using non-tradable SLP tokens. The key component is SLP transactions combined with BCH checkdatasig covenants. Benefits are that it is easy to use, a cheaper altenative solution for merchants, portable, durable, reliable, and poses no privacy issues for users.


Congratulations also to the other teams who participated. All teams produced truly exceptional and innovative projects utilizing the Simple Ledger Protocol.

Other projects included (not in order of votes received):

  •  Anton – An educational app, where users can receive SLP tokens for successful scores
  • Team Bluewire – A merchant SLP reward demo website, which “allows returning customers to pay with the merchant’s SLP token during checkout”
  • Team CryptoPandas – A NFT based game involving breeding Panda NFTs
  • Dune Squad – A “Spice Button” that can be embedded onto a website to receive SPICE tips
  • Team BGFM – A SLP key server for sharing token document information updates
  • Lower the Dust and KosinusBCH – BCHPay, a project that will allow merchants to accept payments in BCH or tokens then have them converted into USDH within the next 10-20 minutes
  • FreeTrade – Token Recycler, an online tool to recover Satoshis from spam tokens and unwanted tokens
  • Proof of Beer – A tool to crowdsource a bar. Whoever helps to buy and bring beers to an event gets a token for their beer
  • SlpStream – The SLP GreenMiner which “uses an ‘eco-block mining’ set up to emit a fixed number of SLP tokens at regular intervals  to emulate how miners find blocks and mine a steady supply of coins
  • TokenVend – SLP vending machine payments

Learn more about the Hackathon, voting procedures and criteria for how projects were judged in this article.

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