With 137,489 tokens created at time of publication, currently 3 tokens lead the charts on the SLP Tokens Explorer as the most popular tokens being used today - flexUSD, Waifu Faucet, and Spice. These tokens represent some of the biggest innovations in cryptocurrency such as stablecoins and NFT’s. The following is an overview of each token, it’s purpose and impact within the SLP universe.


Currently the largest SLP token, flexUSD is a multi-yield bearing stablecoin issued by CoinFLEX that pays interest every 8 hours from CoinFLEX’s repo to those who hold it in their wallets vs other stablecoins which pay 0% interest. Previously, the only ways to earn interest on stablecoins were through lending, using them as collateral or yield farming.

According to the CoinFLEX website, “The USDC balances are deployed into our repomarket and will be paid interest every 8 hrs if there is funding collected via repo. Markets have typically been paying out 5-10% annualized (uncompounded) to USDC lenders.”

Learn more about flexUSD at coinflex.com/flexusd. To trade or invest with CoinFLEX, register on their website and start earning at coinflex.com/flexassets.

Waifu NFT faucet

Waifu tokens are one of SLP’s most recent and successful ventures into the booming NFT market. NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) are digital assets that represent a wide range of items such as sports cards like NBA TopShots or digital art like CryptoPunks.

A Waifu, according to the Waifu Faucet website is “a term for a 2d girl, usually in anime or related art style, that someone has immense, and sometimes overwhelming, affection for.” Created by BCH developer JT Freeman (Blockparty_sh), Waifu each have a randomly select name and completely unique design generated by AI. Another addition has recently been added to display unique “traits” for each Waifu as seen in this example. Each Waifu artwork is available in a deterministic icon repository and can be viewed on the SLP Exporer.

To claim a Waifu token, all you need to do it visit waifufaucet.com and submit your SLP address. Zapit or  Electron Cash SLP is the recommended wallet for Waifu token collecting or trading.

For more information and to participate in Waifu discussions, join the Telegram group: SLP Waifu Research (@waifuresearch).


One of the first tipping tokens, frequently used on Telegram and Twitter, Spice is “an appreciation token that integrates and ranks social network content.” Basically, use Spice to tell someone you like the post or content that they shared.

SPICE’s tipping bot is easily added on Telegram by a simple invite. On Twitter, the bot can be called anytime by @spicetokens. The bot allows anyone to store, tip and withdraw SPICE easily. The use of SPICE captures the content being tipped and publishes it to a user-generated stream called SpiceFeed (Privacy Options Available to Admins). Spicefeed offers an overview of the hottest content based on the value of the tip given.

Since its inception as a tipping token, Spice has now appreciated in value and has become a tradable asset that can also be earned through games of chance on spice.casa or Telegram. Learn more at spicetoken.org